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Click on any image to enlarge. (All images © Jane Crick)


Greeting cards:

actual size 152mm x 152mm  *  rrp £2.50

supplied with premium white envelope and pre-packed in cellophane bag

0100: primroses

0101: magnolia

0102: parrot tulip

0103: double snowdrop

0104: tete-a-tete

0105: love-in-a-mist

0086: honeysuckle with bees

0087: white border
Cosmos/Marbled White

0088: orange border
Rudbeckia/ Tortoiseshell

0089: pink/purple border
Lupins/Orange Tip

0090: blue border I

0091: blue border II

0093: crab apple

0092: nerine

0070: spring green tulip

0071: pansies and violets

0072: chartreuse zinnias

0073: blue flag iris

0074: dicentra (bleeding heart)

giant allium

0068: pheasant berry

0061: passion flower

0062: cyclamen


0063: houseleeks


0064: red dahlia


0065: bergamot


0001: daffodils

0002: blue muscari

0006: echinacea

0007: agapanthus

0008: sunflower

0015: sweetpeas

purple allium

0018: yellow iris


0020: snowdrop


0021: snow berry


0022: eryngium


0023: sea holly


0027: hellebore


winter allium

0032: fritillaria


0034: honesty


0039: lavender


0040: pink roses


0041: poppyfield

0060: fennel


Gift wrap:

high quality, single sided, matt finish giftwrap  *  rrp £1.55 per sheet

Matching gift tags available

GW0019: honeysuckle with bees

GW0020: cottage garden

GW0022: crab apple

GW0004: pink roses

GW0015: giant allium

GW0001: purple allium

GW0007: winter allium

GW0014: pheasant berry

GW0003: poppyfield


Giclee prints:

high quality art prints on 250gsm, 100% cotton acid-free fine art paper

signed limited edition of 250 * supplied mounted in cellobag ready for point of sale * rrp 25.00+

Click on any image to enlarge. (All images Jane Crick)

AP0017: honeysuckle with bees
Actual image size: 190 x 235mm

AP0016: nerine
Actual image size: 190 x 235mm

AP0003: giant allium
Actual image size: 241 x 241mm

AP0001: purple allium
Actual image size: 190 x 235mm

AP0002: winter allium
Actual image size: 190 x 235mm

AP0004: poppy
Actual image size: 190 x 235mm

AP0006: pink tea roses
Actual image size: 190 x 235mm


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